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Why Hub and Oak?

Designed to foster a collaborative working style, Hub and Oak is a believer in the power of collaboration and a supporter of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

Our space celebrates the collective spirit. We believe in open communication and encourage connectivity and creativity among the members of our community.

Whether you’re looking for a private cabin or a more collaborative setting, we have the space you need. Come work in the way that’s most comfortable to you and fits your professional needs and goals. WE AIM TO PLEASE- NO LOCKDOWN JUST GREAT SPACE!

Hub and Oak offers all the Entrepreneurs and Start-ups a entire new platform to work and accomplish together. We have redesigned co-working spaces to bring just the right environment for Collaboration and innovation. With Hub and Oak, comes a location that inspires you to accomplish bigger and better, together. You can now reinvent the system, you work with other people. Places that boosts productivity and ensures you stay motivated on your goal. You into long term fixed agreements.

When you choose Hub and Oak, you choose a partner that understands your desires. With all the benefits you get with our Co-working spaces, Advanced networking opportunities leading to strong community building easily accessible workstations in close proximity with Metro Stations All necessary amenities from high speed Wi-Fi to free access to our lounge with unlimited tea or coffee

Community Benefits
Be inspired and work together as part of a various and expanding community of entrepreneurs and Business start-ups. Receive exciting vouchers and deals for services and products from the Hub and Oak community. Learn new skills and share your expertise while collaborating with innovative and enthusiastic individuals. Explore opportunities with enhanced productivity in our workspaces designed to influence and support you in achieving your Objective & goals.

Hub and Oak


Hub and Oak is a great workspace for Lawyers. It has a very positive vibe and keeps me focused on my work. Support staff is very cooperative and well mannered. It is a good solution to my working needs.


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