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Hub and Oak Offers the most premium coworking spaces in Delhi NCR at prime locations. Choose from a variety of excellent spaces to find the workspace which is ideal for you.




Block E,
Defence Colony, 110024

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Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110024

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best coworking space in okhla hub and oak


Block E, Phase 2,
Okhla Industrial Area

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New Delhi – 110025

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Bhikaji Cama Place


Bhikaji Cama Place,
Africa Avenue, New Delhi

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Nehru Place


Nehru Place
New Delhi

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Nehru Place


Golf Course Road Gurugram Haryana

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Nehru Place


Sector 62, Noida , Uttar Pradesh 201309

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Nehru Place


Signature Towers, IFFCO Chowk, Gurugram

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NH 8, Gurgaon

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Find Your PERFECT Space

Find the PERFECT Space

    Best Coworking Spaces In Delhi NCR | Shared Office Spaces In Delhi NCR

    Whether you are a freelancer, small startup or a large team with an established business, Hub and Oak provides the best coworking spaces in Delhi equipped with all the modern amenities. We create an environment where your company can grow and explore its full potential. With an extensive list of shared office spaces, Hub and Oak welcomes all kinds of professionals and corporates looking for a decent coworking space in Delhi. Dedicated to deliver the most flexible, cost-effective solutions for your dream projects, our coworking space in South Delhi is the perfect place to rejuvenate your working experience.


    If you are looking for a shared office space in Delhi, Hub and Oak coworking is the best option for you. We provide a vibrant and dynamic culture, where you can:

    • Create
    • Learn
    • Empower
    • Grow

    Hub and Oak’s coworking space in South Delhi is a premium workspace experience with utmost comfort and security altogether. When you search for “coworking space near me” or shared workspace, you will find that Hub and Oak is one of the best coworking spaces that provides affordable deals. Whatever may be your needs, we have a solution for all your office-space related problems. From private cabins to open workstations, we have everything you need to establish your new office space in Delhi. HNO coworking promotes both privacy and networking. For all those searching for a “coworking space near me”, Hub and Oak is a go-to destination. We offer fully-furnished open workstations to promote flexible working culture around the office. Workstations that facilitate spontaneous teamwork and help in building a better and healthy working community. Get screens and panels to secure your privacy. It will help you allow conversations when required. We also provide portable furniture so that coworkers can easily work whenever and wherever they want.


    Why should you choose Hub and Oak?

     Launched in 2017 by Srishti Dhir, Hub and Oak is one of the most trustworthy coworking brands in Delhi NCR. We are the new age workspace experts who offer flexible solutions to all your office space-related tensions. Our coworking spaces are designed to take care of the modern needs of professionals. Our team is full of experts backed by years of experience in real estate and has prolific knowledge of the office space market in Delhi.


    Since its inception in the real estate market in Delhi, Hub and Oak has always been committed to deliver 100% better results, inspiring, safety-focused spaces, and unparalleled community experience for which they carefully curate and customize the workspaces as per your organization’s needs and goals. We provide excellent administration support to our clients for their smooth process of work. Unlike the other traditional offices, our coworking centres allow you to network with people from different professions and get useful insights into their work. It will help you grow and develop in your field.  Designed to cater the needs of every working individual, we have a fully-furnished shared office space equipped with all the latest amenities such as unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, printer, access to office stationery and excellent administration support. Find yourself an amazing work environment where you can conduct regular meetings and proper brain-storming sessions with your team while having your favourite cup of coffee. If you have a small startup and are looking for a premium shared office space in Delhi, we have a perfect workspace solution for you.


    Switch your conventional working style to a modern coworking. Choose Hub and Oak to get the ultimate experience of collaborative and flexible working. HNO team strives to transform people’s old and hectic way of work with its multi-functional shared office spaces efficiently designed to boost productivity. We also have an amazing conference setup for our prestigious clients. Now you won’t have to worry about paying extra charges to book a fully-equipped meeting space for all your white-collar conference meetings with clients and executives. Make HNO coworking your permanent address for all your work-related needs. Get well-established conference rooms that stimulate creativity of employees. Apart from taking care of your meeting essentials such as audio-visual  technology, high-speed Wi-Fi and others, we also offer proper refreshments during the conference session. We encourage our clients to be inclusive, collaborative, and productive with an exclusive workplace environment. Choose to grow your market presence with Hub and Oak coworking.


    Get hundreds of shared workspace options to choose from at your desired location. When you search for a “coworking space near me”, Hub and Oak comes up with a plethora of shared workspace options. We are among the leading coworking space providers in Delhi, boasting excellent flexible space options.


    1. Hub and Oak coworking in Defence Colony (C-Block)

    As we focus on catering to all types of business requirements, Hub and Oak coworking in Defence Colony is an ideal place to grow your network in the community of like-minded people. Get a fully professional working environment that is conducive to maximizing your growth and enhancing your employees’ productivity. It is accessible by all means of transport including Delhi Metro. We have a dedicated workspace where you can brainstorm your ideas in order to grow massively. This coworking space in South Delhi is the right fit for all those working professionals looking for a decent shared workspace.


    1. Hub and Oak coworking in E-Block Defence Colony

    Located at one of the most poshest locations in Delhi, Hub and Oak coworking in E-Block, Defence Colony is the one-stop-shop for all the working professionals and corporates. Here, we offer a vibrant working environment where professionals from different backgrounds, experiences and companies sit under one roof and expand their network. Enjoy the flexibility of working in a shared office space where there is no burden of paying extra charges or tension of long-term lease commitments. Whether you have a small or medium team, it is a great place to work and indeed the best coworking space in Delhi.


    1. Fully-equipped coworking centre in Okhla

    If you are looking for a fully-furnished coworking space in Delhi that matches your budget as well as other business requirements, Hub and Oak’s coworking centre in Okhla is the right choice for you. Having a huge capacity of 350 seats, this shared workspace spans over 25000 square feet and is equipped with all the modern amenities such as High-Speed WiFi, valet parking, video conferencing setup, CCTV surveillance, unlimited tea/coffee, rooftop cafeteria and much more. It boasts premium infrastructure carefully designed to boost your company’s creativity and productivity. Primarily focused on three main factors – Safe, Smart and Secure, this Hub and Oak’s coworking space in South Delhi will certainly change your mindset about collaborative working.


    1. Exclusive coworking space in Jasola

    Get a fully-equipped coworking space in South Delhi at an easily accessible location in Delhi. Designed to foster the needs of all kinds of professionals including MNC owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and others, our centre in Jasola provides a dedicated working environment that adds more value to your performance. We provide a fully functional, tech-enabled, new-age workplace for young professionals. Pay and Use spaces without any hidden costs and long-term commitments. Here, we offer deluxe meeting rooms and conference rooms for your day-to-day brainstorming sessions, full power-back so that your work never stops, regular cleaning and sanitisation to curb the spread of coronavirus.


    1. Shared workspace in Bhikaji Cama Place

    In search of a decent shared office space in Delhi, Hub and Oak’s coworking in Bhikaji Cama Place is the ultimate solution for your business needs. Fully-equipped private cabins for motivated teams and corporates in the commercial hub of South Delhi. Flexible Plug & Play workspace that suits the needs of all kinds of corporates, entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and other working professionals. If you are looking for a vibrant workplace at an affordable price, then this is the place where your search comes to an end. Explore this beautifully designed, easily accessible, and budget-friendly flexible office space that is equipped with all the modern facilities.


    1. HNO coworking in Nehru Place

    Nehru place is one of the prime locations in Delhi for corporate companies. Most of the organisations wish to have an  office space at this location. If you are also searching for a flexible workplace in Nehru place, then this is the right space for you. All you have to do is search for “coworking space near me” and you will get multiple shared workspace options. Among these options, Hub and Oak is the one which is appropriate for you because we offer the best deals when it comes to coworking spaces in Delhi. We provide facilities that will only help you to achieve your company’s goals and objectives easily. Whether you are looking for a private cabin or a collaborative setup, we have everything to make your working experience comfortable and hassle-free.

    Importance of a Coworking Space in Delhi

    Delhi is among the most preferred locations to invest in a commercial property in India. Some of the biggest corporate companies have their offices in Delhi and it is considered as one of the biggest office space markets across the country. There is no dearth of coworking spaces options in the capital city but you have to deeply anaylze your business requirements before finalizing any one workspace. Finding a decent coworking space in Delhi that matches your working style and suits your budget, location and other workspace-related requirements such as proximity to a Metro station can be challenging unless you know a trustworthy real estate platform. Hub and Oak can be your trusted real estate partner in your journey of getting a decent shared office space in Delhi at affordable prices. With the rapidly changing needs and expectations of both employers and employees, Hub and Oak aims to create a vibrant and comfortable workspace for all the working individuals where they can learn and grow simultaneously.

    On the top of it, every working individual is now looking for a workspace space where he can strike a perfect work-life balance and HNO coworking is the one true option for all those workers and professionals. Some of the major advantages or working in a coworking space are:

    • Flexibility at its best: When you choose to work in a coworking space, You get your own customized workplace without having to worry about the rest and sundry. Apart from this, you get to be a part of a thriving community that not only provides you the much-needed break to hang out with other fellow coworkers but it also gives you a platform to grow your market presence. Hub and Oak coworking also offers its clients to work as per their work schedule, giving them an extra edge of balancing theri professional and personal life.
    • Cost-effective solution – One of the biggest benefits of working in a shared office space is such spaces are cost effective and can be customized according to your needs. All you need to do is sign up for such flexible workplaces like Hub and Oak coworking and leave all your problems to us. All other extra expenses including electricity, internet connectivity, maintaining office equipment, replenishing cups, tea, coffee etc. are taken care of.
    • Events and Networking: Coworking spaces organize several types of team building activities every now and then to celebrate and encourage the working community to keep their creative juices flowing and thriving. Hub and Oak also organizes such engaging events and workshops on the monthly basis to keep its clients entertained while maintaining the decorum of a professional office space. This is one of the biggest advantages of a coworking space in Delhi which you cannot find in any other traditional office space setup.
    • Improve productivity: Providing a wider variety of facilities than a traditional office space, coworking spaces are indeed optimized to boost productivity of the employees. As all your other workspace-related problems are taken care of in a coworking setup, you can only focus on your performance. Such spaces allow you to concentrate on your regular tasks while improving your creativity at work as well.
    • More than just a workplace: A coworking space is more than just a place to work. It provides you a positive and productive atmosphere where you can relax your mind and work peacefully. Working in a flexible office environment is the best way to meet new people and increase your connections in the community of like-minded people. A space like this also helps in avoiding loneliness, improving interpersonal skills, and many coworking spaces in Delhi also offer various self-improving workshops which can help in boosting your productivity. Hub and Oak is one such place which takes care of its clients’ mental wellbeing, which has become an important aspect in the modern era. Work-life balance is important for your mental health; there should be a separate space between your home and office. Coworking spaces in Delhi offer such a structure where you get the best of both worlds – Personal and Work.
    • Modern Infrastructure and Amenities: Hub and Oak’s coworking centres are fully equipped with top-notch modern infrastructure and comprise premium amenities including conference rooms, meeting zones, individual workstations, coffee points, etc. When clients or investors see you working in such a place, it becomes easy for them to instill their trust in you and your company. We offer all the working essentials to create the best coworking experience for our clients.

    Apart from the above-mentioned coworking spaces in Delhi, we have several other different property options as well to meet your office-related requirements.


    By all means, one should consider working in a coworking space in Delhi as it will completely change your perspective towards collaborative working. Whether you need a single desk for hybrid work culture or maybe for your freelancing work, or ready-to-move private cabins for bigger teams, or a whole new office setup for your upcoming startup — Hub and Oak has the solution for you. Having a presence in all the top locations in Delhi-NCR including Connaught Place, Nehru Place, Vasant Kunj, Saket, Jasola, Aerocity, Defence Colony, South Extension, Gurgaon, Noida, Hub and Oak is revolutionizing the way commercial real estate works by providing every individual the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere at anytime. Now, it is the time for you to upgrade your working style and shift from conventional and rigid office space routine to a new flexible working environment.  Apart from the normal workplace facilities like activity-based set up, meeting rooms, engagement zones, recreational areas, coworking spaces of Hub and Oak are entrenched with the latest technology, tools, and enabling infrastructure that not only enhances employees’ productivity but also helps manage it effectively. A cordial work environment for young minds to flourish their performance at a place that is shared with different kinds of businesses, startups, entrepreneurs. A lively and vibrant atmosphere in the workspace can nurture creative thinking, and help people to focus especially in a coworking space where ideas can move freely from one department to another. One should consider the fact that being around experts and professionals from different fields can help you in enhancing and flourishing knowledge on multiple different grounds. That’s exactly what Hub and Oak coworking offers to its clients.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Every investor or a new buyer has several questions in mind before opting for a coworking space in Delhi. We have tried to answer some of them below.  

    Q1 – What are the best locations for a coworking space in Delhi?

    Ans. – Although there are multiple good locations in Delhi to set-up your new office space, some of the most prominent ones are Connaught Place, Nehru Place, South Delhi, Aerocity, Okhla etc.

    Q2 – Are coworking spaces expensive?

    No, it’s not true. Coworking spaces are cheaper than establishing a full-fledged office space in Delhi. There are no high up-front costs or long-term commitments involved when it comes to shared workspace. You can pay month-to-month, or choose a different plan depending on the space you choose according to your team size. Moreover, additional costs like utilities, renovations and furniture are also included in your fee already.

    Q3- What amenities are offered in the coworking spaces?

    Ans – Coworking spaces offer a plethora of benefits and modern facilities such as unlimited tea/coffee, High-Speed WiFi, Pantry, administration support, parking space, fully air-conditioned workspace, 24X7 security, recreational activity zone, and much more.

    Q4 – Who uses coworking spaces?

    The concept of coworking has become very popular among the young working professionals these days. People from every sphere of the world have shifted their focus to coworking rather than a traditional office setup. All kinds of professionals, freelancers, big corporates and MNCs are preferring coworking spaces in the new normal.

    Q5 – What is the most cost-effective coworking space in Delhi?

    Hub and Oak centres across Delhi are the most cost-effective coworking spaces in Delhi. They offer flexible membership plans that match client’s budget expectations. Not only this, the company provides the latest amenities and amazing perks as well.