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Post COVID-ERA: 3 Things That Workers Want From The Offices

There is no wrong in saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Everything has been affected by the virus. How we live, how we travel, and even how we communicate with others. Not only this, the pandemic has also changed the working pattern of people all around the world. Employees at all levels, from executives to trainees, now intend to divide their time between their homes and their workplaces, which is fair enough as the pandemic has actually changed people’s perspective about life. The workers have started giving preference to safety over productivity.

Amid this transition phase, where the flexible working places took precedence over traditional offices, the hybrid policies have become the need of the time. Many experts also believe that “Hybrid” is the future of work. The roll out of Hybrid policies might have given a freedom to employees to customize their work settings according to their schedule but it has also set the clock for employers to provide the comfortable and safe environment for the staff. As the offices have now reopened, the employees are also expecting their employers to be more supportive and caring. In the present times, workers are seeking a sense of belongingness at the offices more than ever. They need a friendly and comfortable environment where they can improve their creativity without any restrictions.

On that note, here are the few things that workers want from their employers in this post-COVID era.

  1. Relaxation spaces 

A flexible working environment with a relaxation space is the most important thing which every working professional desires nowadays. Most of the workers reckon that an office space should offer an experience as comfortable as home, but with compelling, energetic spaces.

The basic idea of introducing relaxation spaces in the office is to unwind, to let the employees loosen up from the constant work pressure. Thus, the companies are organizing relaxation spaces with beautifully-designed infrastructure to create a positive and healthy environment among the staff members.

  1. Healthy food services

Flexible working hours require flexible food services in the office. With traditional one-hour lunch breaks are almost redundant in the ‘new normal’, workers want the availability of healthy food items at different working hours. As the pandemic has made people realize about the importance of healthy lifestyle, organizations are focusing towards creating such welcoming workplaces where employees will be more productive, satisfied in their jobs, less stressed and anxious.

  1. Greener outdoor spaces

Over the years, the experts have been emphasizing the significance of eco-friendly environment in the offices as it helps in reducing stress and sickness. Greener outdoor spaces bring positivity at the workplace and increase productivity. This is the reason why many employees have put outdoor spaces in their priority list for a wellbeing-oriented office.

The establishment of greener outdoor space will be encouraging for the employees to take short breaks to relax their minds. The workers expect to have beautiful and garden areas in the office premises. Moreover, giving employees access to the outdoor spaces isn’t just novel, it is a smart move as well because it will be beneficial for their wellbeing and mental health. Incorporating greenery into the workspace has always proven to have long-term benefits.

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