6 simple hacks to start loving the job you hate

Okay, so how many of us dreamt of becoming a singer, a ballet dancer, a rock star, a pilot or maybe a celebrity, while growing up. At some point in our lives we all have dreams and aspirations of becoming something that might become a bit farfetched as we grow up. My 2 year old wants to become a tooth fairy, and aspires to collect each and every teeth of children world over and replace it with a gold coin especially when children are sleeping, hmmm..Such an expensive philanthropic job, hopefully she will change her ambition into something profitable when the next episode of Peppa Pig hits the screen. So, the point is, everyone of us harboured a dream job at some point in our  lives which we literally cherished for a long time until one day we were hit by a hammer right in our heads by this term called Reality. 

Yes, a lot of dream boats have sunk and will keep sinking when the wind of reality blows. So, instead of becoming an Astronaut and circumnavigating the earth you are probably navigating your computer screen in search for a word that might suit your next article well as you try create some content for your blog or right now you are stuck in a boring meeting and wondering what you have done to get punished in such a cruel manner. Okay, if these situations sound familiar and you are desperate to make peace with your present situation and at the same time want to start loving what you are doing, here are a few hacks to get by and make your dull day shine bright.

Acceptance– it is the keyword to peace, whatever cannot be cured should be endured. Well, your situation might not be this grave but if your present life depends on this job at the moment, this should be your mantra for now. Start by slowly accepting the reality. Think about the vast unemployment lurking at every corner in our country, be happy with the fact that you have one and its descent enough to make your everyday needs met, you still have a job.

Change your Perspective  Sometimes our ambition work against our confidence, for example, if you have aspired to be a doctor but ended up being a caregiver, it kind of brings your morale down, don’t be and always remember there are people who are vying to reach this position. Train your mind to see the merits in your work rather than demerits. What you think, you become, if you shift your perspective in favour of your current job, you will start to feel the change within you in a positive manner.

Take pride in your workspace  This is one the most important aspect that we usually overlook. Every day we come to office with a picture in mind, right from we board the bus till we reach office, we dread reaching the workstation, dimly lit, cramped, untidy etc. how we perceive our sitting area makes a lot of difference. Workspace should be clutter free and pleasant. Yes one cannot do much as your workspace belongs to the company, but what you can do is to keep your desk clean, a neat display of important contacts with a few fresh photos of things you love can make all the difference. Sometimes a simple sweep can make things neat. The idea is to instil a sense of belonging with your current job and when you start treating your workspace as your own, you will start loving your job too slowly and gradually.

Communication & Camaraderie  you might not like your job but it is possible you like your office. Many a times it happens you befriend people at your workplace who become your lifelong friends. Sometimes you start liking your job just because you find other colleagues sailing similar boat and connect at that level, in order to find yourself likeminded people and a support group within your workspace its important you start communicating with all your colleagues, it will not only help getting over the blues but you will also get a fresh perspective on why you should be happy in your present job. This feeling of belonging and camaraderie within your office will help you get over the constant urge to run away; instead you will look forward coming to work every morning.

Connecting with your Boss  This does not mean you start treating your boss as your pal, no, there should always be a certain level of respect and privacy that should prevail between an employee and his/her superior, but you should always be in some way connected to your boss. It starts by simple greetings and delivering your duties well. Whenever you feel demotivated, never shy away to have a word with your boss about your doubts and expectations. Your boss single handed can sometimes make a difference by motivating you as long as you are open to convey your thoughts, so it’s important that you keep your communication lines free between you and your boss. In any organisation if you have good understanding with your boss rest of your job is cake walk. So, be there on time and deliver what the company expects from you. I don’t know of any company that don’t appreciate a competent & honest employee.

Set goals within your limits  your job is what you make out of it. You might be a front office person or in back office, there is no limitation to excellence, don’t measure your job as small or big, no responsibility is small, try and do your best in whatever position you are appointed. Within your limits try your best to support the company and contribute your bit as much as you can, never forget you are a part of the company because they chose to hire you, they saw your potential when other companies failed to see it. Respect that.

Stay true to yourself, love your workspace & start loving your job…