buying a flat in high rise building

Buying a flat in high-rise building? Check out which floor will suit you best

Purchasing a house is probably one of the most important decisions you make in your life and hence it needs extra attention and concern to avoid any trouble in future. When you plan to buy a new apartment, there is always so much to consider such as price, location, infrastructure, amenities, connectivity etc. You cannot take such a big jump in a spur-of-the-moment. Along with these considerable factors, there is one more significant decision which a buyer needs to take while buying a flat and that is selection of the floor he must live on.

It is important for you to know that every floor has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Factors such as accessibility, security, noise, view and the difference in cost immensely help the buyers to choose a floor that best suits him.

Having said that, we have meticulously analyzed the possible merits and demerits of every floor and made a comprehensive list so that you can make a firm decision.

  • Ground/ Upper Ground Floor

While earlier ground floor used to be homebuyer’s first choice, the case is no longer the same. Nowadays, people don’t prefer buying a flat on ground floor because of many reasons. Ground floor flats are close to the parking and so the occupants can get disturbed with the continuous commotion. Other downsides include lack of sunlight, compromising view, especially in the case of high-rise building, cluttered house entrance etc. However, if we look at the brighter side then ground floor remains comparatively cooler in the summers and the loading/unloading of your stuff would be easier.

  • First Floor to Third Floor

Owing to their easy accessibility, these floors are the most preferrable ones among the homebuyers, especially for the families having kids and senior citizens. Besides, the occupants don’t need to wait for the elevator for regular ups and downs as they can simply use the stairs.

  • Middle floor

Middle floors have the similar benefits as first to third floors. Along with that, they also provide a better outside view from the balcony just like the top floors. So, if you buy a flat at a middle floor, you will get the best of both the worlds. According to the property experts, a sharp rise has seen in the demand for middle floor flats in the past few years.

  • Top floor

There is no deny in saying that home owners at the top floor enjoy the best view from the balcony, especially in the high-rise buildings. In some residential buildings, the occupants at the top floor also have the access to terrace and they get an extra edge. However, on the flip side, in order to enjoy the perfect top view, you may have to shell out more money in comparison with the other buyers. Many luxury projects are offering penthouses on the top floors that cost a lot more than the apartments on lower floors.

Conclusion: What You Should Consider Before Buying A Flat In Delhi-NCR? 

While the points mentioned above may have given you a clear picture about the pros and cons of all the floors, the buyer’s interest plays a major role in the home-buying process. In cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore, people prefer buying flat at top floors whereas in Delhi-NCR, the demand for lower floors always remains high.

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