geotagging for property tax rebate

Delhiites Can Now Avail 10% Rebate On Property Taxes – Here’s How

Residents of Delhi will now have to mandatorily geotag their properties if they want tax exemptions. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has announced that the taxpayers can avail the benefit of 10% rebate on lump sum advance payment of taxes in this financial year. 

This rule will be applied to all kinds of properties. Individuals can easily geotag their properties by using the MCD App or the civic body’s online portal. With this initiative, the body aims to establish a comprehensive database of property tax records. 

The initial deadline for geotagging the properties was January 31st, 2024 but owing to the challenges faced by iPhone users, it got extended to February 29. 

For those who don’t know, Geotagging is a process in which one can share geographic coordinates to media based on the location of their mobile phones. Geotags can be applied to any sort of  photo, video, website, text message, and even QR code. It could also include timestamps or other textual information.

Step-by-step Guide For Geotagging Your Property To Earn Property Tax Rebate

Step 1: Download the latest version of the UMA Mobile app. Link –

Step 2: Make sure you have enabled you device location and all the necessary permissions before visiting the property.

Step 3: Select the “Module” and log in using your registered mobile number. 

Step 4: Choose ‘Property Tax Module’ in the options. 

Step 5: Select Unique Property Identification Code (UPIC) of the property you want to geotag. 

Step 6: Make sure you are physically present at the property for geotagging. 

Step 7: Capture the Geo Coordinates of your property. 

Step 8: Click a photo of your property and upload it. 

Step 9: Press the “submit” button and save the property details. 

Step 10: After geotagging, the UPIC details will be shown in green colour. 

Step 11: In case of any error, the individual will have to repeat the entire process for correction. Single opportunity will be provided for the rectification. 


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