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Flexi Homes: Redefining The Future Of Real Estate In India

In the post-COVID era, flexibility is not just a term anymore, it has become a need of the time. The entire scenario of how we live, work and interact has changed ever since the lockdowns are over. People are now exploring new ways to make their lifestyle more sustainable. The lockdown has also influenced the choices of homebuyers in a big way as most of them are seeking flexible homes with multiple functionalities. Obviously, other factors such as hybrid work culture and ever-changing demographics in the country also played their part. The demand for flexi homes is strongly growing in the metros post lockdowns. People are revamping their old houses and adapting flexible solutions to encourage a time-focused lifestyle.

Confused about this new trend? Then, let’s understand what is a flexi home and how is it helping today’s generation?

What are Flexi Homes?

Flexi homes referred to those living spaces that can be customized and used for multiple different functions. Flexi homes mainly comprise foldable pieces of furniture and movable walls. For instance, in a flexi home, a dining table or sofa set can be lifted, folded, and pinned on the wall to create more space for other uses. Owing to their multi-functionality, flexi homes becoming popular more and more among the millennials.

Now that you have understood this emerging concept, let’s move further and talk about the benefits of flexi homes.

  • Flexible houses offer an extra space that you can dedicate to working from home – without your family members creating disturbance in the background.
  • The rooms can serve a variety of functions, including a home office, a gym, or a children’s playroom.
  • You can earn long-term gains from these homes, making them an ideal choice for investment.
  • They give the much-needed respite from monotonous lives and that too at affordable prices.


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What is the future of Flexi Homes in India?

The dynamics of Indian real estate industry are changing every day and so are the preferences of home buyers. Gone are the days, when people only wanted to buy the houses that depicts traditional values nowadays, everyone desires a smart home with modern equipments Having said that, developers who want to stay ahead of their time are coming up with those projects that take the modern buyers’ criteria into consideration.

In the new normal, there is a huge demand for pocket-friendly apartments that can act as multi-functional or recreational space. Given the growing need for flexi homes in recent times, the future will see more such innovations to promote an ultra-modern lifestyle. Spacious living rooms at affordable prices are the new luxury for home buyers.



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