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How To Find Office Space On Rent?

Are you looking for an office space for rent? We know renting an office space can be quite a turning point, whether you own a business or a startup. But, it can get quite daunting to find the perfect fit that meets all your needs and requirements. Here, you need to make a list of all that you’re looking for in an office space. Right from location to budget to the basic facilities they offer and, most importantly, the connectivity. After all, when you’re planning to invest in an office space you need to ensure that the space contributes to your business’s growth and prosperity. Things to keep in mind before searching office space on rent

1) Choose an accessible location

There are ample spaces to choose from while looking for office space for rent in Delhi. This is one of the most important factors to consider while you go office hunting. You need to make sure the location is easily accessible for your team with public transport nearby for easy travel. And just in case, you don’t have a team yet, go for a location that has potential talent.

2) Basic amenities

Another deciding factor when looking for an office for rent is nearby and basic amenities. Your team and colleagues would like to work at a space with nearby cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops. Also, it’s an added thing for your business for last-minute outdoor meetings.

3) Set a strict budget

Another major factor while office hunting is to have a predefined strict budget. Renting an office that is going to detriment your books is not a wise decision. It is always better to compromise a little on the budget instead of hampering the business’s growth and going into debt. Always crunch the numbers even before you start looking out for office space for lease to be able to operate easily.

4) Additional budget

Wondering why an additional budget? Well, there are a lot of miscellaneous expenses that go into renting an office space. The actual rent is just a part  when it comes to most office spaces. All those extra expenses can make a dent in your pocket if you don’t look out for them from the very beginning. Therefore, always make sure to have a clear understanding of what is included and not included in the quoted rent or lease.

5) Parking Space

Parking facility is yet another major deciding factor while renting out an office space, which people often tend to overlook facing adverse consequences later. You need to ensure there is ample parking space available either in the building or nearby so that your team can easily commute to work on time without much hassle. Having a secured parking area is an additional benefit.

6) Find a secure building or property

Apart from the basic amenities, the building or property should have security. It is very important to have a proper security system in place to ensure the safety of your employees and equipment. Some of the key points to look for are security guards, manned entryway along after-hours security.

7) Cafeteria

If not a big one, at least a small cafeteria or pantry is a must-have in offices today. The employees are not much interested in gluing their eyes to the screens all day long, without any breathers and time to unwind. Therefore, while on the lookout for the perfect office space for lease, make sure it has some space or extra area that can be converted into a cafeteria with some basic stuff like a coffee machine, mugs, and so on.

8) Enough Space

This is another important point to take note of. You will need a large space enough for all the members of your team to have their workstation. But also at the same time, you don’t want to own a space where you’re paying even for the rooms completely unused. So, rent a moderate space to have enough if you plan to expand your team within the length of the lease. And if not this, you can easily convert it into an extra meeting room or something of that sort. After all, a little extra space harms no one!

9) Transparent Lease Agreement

It is always better and a safe bet to have things in writing. Knowing what all is included while renting an office space is one thing, but you also need to make sure to have it all documented. Because you don’t want to rely on your landlord’s mere words only to be charged extra later for all the said things just because it wasn’t mentioned in your agreement.

10) Lease Length

The length of the lease can be another deciding factor while looking for an office for rent. Because, you don’t want to get bound in a long-term commitment just in case your business folds, expands, or outgrows the space. So, it is always better to talk it out well in advance before finalizing any office space. These are the reasons why we highly recommend renting a coworking space. There are several benefits and perks they offer you, which the traditional ones fail to offer. And the best part, it doesn’t even cost you much if compared to the normal offices. Their spaces are aesthetically appealing and well structured with all that one can need in an office along with freebies like basic office supplies, unlimited tea-coffee, printing services, parking, regular networking events, and social gatherings with flexible and short rent agreements. Not just this, to top it all it is amazing just how they contribute in striking a perfect work-life balance with a fun and cool, yet professional environment to grow and thrive forward. So, what are you waiting for? Checkout our coworking spaces to have that perfect work-life balance you’ve been striving to achieve and say goodbye to the work from home hassles.

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