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How Women Are Changing The Face of Indian Real Estate

The economic dynamics in India have witnessed a big change in the last few years. Interestingly, a massive rise has been seen in women’s contribution to the economy. Women have emerged as the fastest-growing consumer group not only because they want to be independent but also, they are seeking new opportunities to strengthen their investment portfolio. As real estate is one of the biggest sectors in India, contributing 6% to the national GDP, many experienced women entrepreneurs have proved their mettle in this industry as well. Debunking the common notion that real estate is a male-dominating industry, several women have come forward to carve out a niche for themselves in this industry, which is commendable.

From property consultants, channel partners and agents to leading multinational real estate development firms, women are ruling the roost of Indian realty sector and have taken it to new heights. However, a sad part is that there is still a lot of ground to be covered for Indian women as prevalent perception, gender-based differential growth trajectories, bias and exclusivity are acting as a deterrent in the real estate market. In this male-dominated hierarchy, women are generally projected to have unstable career priorities post marriage or after having a baby, which is not true.

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As we look into the future horizons, women entrepreneurs from the young generation are actively breaking the stereotypes at every step of their career. The inspiring stories of women taking up leadership roles in the real estate sector have proved that marriage and motherhood are not hindrances in their professional growth.

Women defeating the odds

In the modern era, women of all age have successfully proved that marriage and motherhood are not hindrances in their professional growth. This can be evident from several inspiring success stories of women taking up the leadership roles in big industries like real estate and busting the traditional myths. Be it on the work front or in personal life, women are proving it each day that their multitasking potential is par excellence.

Seeing the growing contribution from women employees, supreme industry bodies like the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) have also made a significant move to encourage gender diversification and inclusivity in the real estate sector.

Growth demands equal contribution

There is no doubt in saying that the growth of realty sector cannot be achieved without the equal contribution from men and women. On many fronts, women employees are struggling hard to make a name for themselves. Therefore, organisations should undertake the responsibility to provide the right tools for the workforce to reach the pinnacle of success. As the Indian real estate market is moving forward, more women are expected to take on the leadership roles in different segments and give a whole new direction to the work industry.

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