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Planning To Buy Farmhouse In India? Here’s The List Of Beautiful Destinations

There is no doubt in saying that Indians have always been obsessed with the idea of owning a luxurious farmhouse at a picturesque hill station. In the olden days, people used to think that owning a farmhouse is a status symbol for high-class. However, that’s not the case anymore as even the working professionals are now showing interest in farmhouses and other related products such as retirement & second home, gated villas, etc. Backed by the Hybrid workflows, farmhouse properties are now touted as perfect fit for relaxing weekend getaways.

While there is no dearth of famous farmhouse destinations such as Shimla, Alibaug, Lavasa, Lonavla, Ooty, Pondicherry, etc, there are other alluring locations as well which are not so popular yet but their overall beauty endowed with natural scenery make them a perfect fit for a holiday home.

Take a look at some of the most picturesque destinations in India for purchasing a farmhouse.

1. Sindhudurg, Western Ghat

Sindhudurg, farmhouse destination

Situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, this place is spread across 5000 sq kms. It is surrounded with lush green hills and exotic beaches along with several archaeological forts and famous temples. Many consider Sindhudurg as an iconic tourist destination as the region is least populated district in Maharashtra.

On the real estate front, property rates have increased by 10-12% between 2019 and 2021 in Sindhudurg. Given the rising demand of second homes in India, Sindhudurg can attract huge ratio of investors in the coming years.

2. Delhi-Jaipur Highway

Delhi-Jaipur Highway, farmhouse destination

This 190-km-long, 8-lane stretch is considered as a potential ground for developing farmhouses and gated villas. Here, you can purchase a land and construct the house of your dreams at affordable prices. Delhi-Jaipur Highway is well connected to some of the most sought-after tourist destinations in NorthWest India like Ranthambore, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar, Neemrana, etc. Interestingly, buyers from Delhi-NCR will seek it out as the most desirable location for second homes and farmhouses in the near future.

3. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, farmhouse destination

Known for its mesmerising sunsets and misty charms, Nandi Hills is no less than a hidden gem of India. Situated near Bangalore city, this place has become a famous tourist spot and serves well for weekend getaways. Many working professionals from Bangalore come here to spend some quality time with their loved ones. With Hybrid work policy being rolled out in several organisations,

Nandi Hill is a perfect destination for purchasing a second home or a lavish farmhouse away from the hustle bustle of big cities. In Nandi Hills, property prices are increasing at the rate of 2- 2.5% every year.

4. Gokarna

Gokarna, farmhouse destination

Located in Karnataka, Gokarana is rated as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in South India. Gokarna, which is well-known for its picture-perfect beaches and clear waters, is very popular among the tourists looking for a peaceful vacation. Moreover, the town also hosts a large expatriate population throughout the year as many Europeans visit the area in winters.

Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, prices have appreciated in Gokarna at an average of 1.5-2% annually. So, if you are interested in buying a farmhouse at a pristine location, Gokarna is best for you.

5. Solan

Solan, farmhouse destination

Solan is a small yet beautiful hill station located just 46 kms away from Shimla. For farmhouse-style projects in Northern India, Solan is increasingly gaining traction because of its restful, serene, and tranquil ambiance. This place is a gateway to many popular neighbouring hill towns such as Shimla, Kasauli, Kalka and Chail. Comprising old churches, ancient temples, and captivating monasteries, Solan also serves well for the travellers who are interested in a cultural trip.

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