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This Diwali Transform Your Home With These 6 Latest Makeover Trends

Diwali is round the corner and many people, at this time, must be looking for trending interior designs and colourful lights to decorate their homes. After all, the festive season in India brings the opportunity to transform your old and boring house into a vibrant one. Gone are the days when families had to settle for dull wall paints and uninspiring furniture. In today’s modern era, you can infuse versatility into your living spaces, making them the heart of the festivities. Here are some of the latest home interior trends that will leave your guests in awe.

6 Amazing Interior Design Ideas To Transform Your Home

  • Minimalistic Ambiance                                                                                                                        10 Minimalist Home Designs for Decor Inspiration | Tatler Asia

The minimalism trend has taken over the Indian households this festive season. Homeowners are now using solid colours in shades of beige, cream, or white to create a clean and contemporary look. This minimalistic appearance can also make your living room look bigger and spacious. Moreover, pastel colours like beige, grey, and white have gained much popularity among millennials for their timeless elegance. Wooden decor with textures, stone, abstract designs, and subtle finishes can add depth and character to your home interiors.

  • A Splash of Colour                                                                                                                                                          

Homebliss – The Hippest community for Home interiors and DesignIf you’re someone who loves vibrant interiors, don’t shy away from choosing bold hues like red, orange, or yellow to transform your home. These shades bring a burst of energy and enthusiasm to your house. You can use these colours through cushions, rugs, or any colourful piece of artwork, making them easy to replace when the festive season ends. 

On the other hand, soft colours like pastel pink, blue, or light green can be used to give your home a royal and beautiful appearance. Combining these with metal detailing and solid-coloured or solid-patterned laminates or stones can create a regal ambience in your home which is perfect for this Diwali. 

  • Elegance of Wood

Modern Style Living Room Design With Subtle Colour Scheme | Livspace

Another emerging trend which can glam up your house this Diwali season is solid wooden decor. Wooden elements are the best to create a classic look in your home and these are incredibly easy to maintain, making them perfect for a festive makeover. Additionally, their durability makes sure that they last through many seasons of celebration.

  • Indulge in surface decoration with laminates

Find The Best Decorative Laminates for Interior Designing

This is one of the most remarkable ways to give a stylish makeover to your home. Laminates, in particular, have emerged as the perfect interior designing choice, offering a combination of cost-effectiveness, durability, and ease of maintenance. 

These synthetic materials are made up of layers such as fiberboard and melamine resin which are designed to mimic wood’s warm and inviting appearance. Furthe, what makes laminates stand out during this joyous time of the year is their ability to infuse a sense of elegance, be it in your home or office space

  • Blend of Traditional and Modern Elements

Contrast between Traditional and Modern Interior Designing - Sampada Creations

This will give a fantastic fusion vibes to your home. The amalgamation of contemporary and traditional design elements will bridge the gap between the modern and the timeless aesthetics. While contemporary designs boast sleek lines, minimalism, and cutting-edge materials, traditional elements embraces ornate details, rich textures, and classic motifs. This harmonious blend will not only reflect our cultural heritage but also cherish the beauty of colours. 

  • Prioritize Lights

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Lights play an important role in setting the good mood in a house. Consider investing in decorative lanterns, hanging lamps, or colourful string lights to create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests. This lighting arrangement can create a multi-dimensional effect, where the soft glow of lanterns complements the elegance of hanging lamps and the cheerfulness of string lights.



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