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Top 6 Cities In India For Real Estate Investment

One of the major factors to keep in mind while making a real estate investment decision is how well it will convert into profits. For this, it is important that you invest in a good location that can further contribute to the appreciation of your property value. Whether you are a first-time investor in real estate or an expert who has done it quite a few times, deciding the best city for property investment is always one of the hardest decisions you take. Don’t panic if you are too facing difficulties in finding the right location for your real estate investment, you are not alone in this.

We have prepared a list of some of the top locations in India which are worth investing in a real estate asset. Let’s take a look:


Touted as the financial capital of India, Mumbai is one of the rapidly expanding cities in the world. Though the city is quite expensive when it comes to investing in real estate, some of the locations in Mumbai offer affordable housing options and are preferred by several buyers in today’s times. Moreover, in terms of infrastructure, accessibility and return on investment (ROI) , the real estate market in Mumbai offers a wide range of investment projects in both the categories – commercial and residential. 


Two of the most prominent factors that make Chennai a suitable location for investing in real estate are its lower-interest rates and the affordable deals offered by several big developers of the city. Chennai is enriched with well-experienced and qualified real estate developers who leave no stone unturned to make each project remarkable. In the first quarter of 2021, the city built approximately 4,500 new housing units and the residential market has been continuously growing since then in Chennai. 


When you invest in a property in Delhi, it means you are stepping towards a better financial future for not only yourself but also for your next generation. Real estate market in Delhi has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years and you can gain high rental yields if you decide to invest in a realty asset in the capital city – be it commercial or residential. 


Near to Mumbai, the city is widely regarded as the second major IT hub and the biggest automobile and manufacturing hub of India. In the last five years, the real estate sector in Pune has gone from an average performing market to the best performing one. Pune offers properties that cater end users as well as big investors at various price points. Moreover, one can also generate satisfactory rental income and good returns on investment in Pune. 


For decades now, Kolkata has been considered as the most economical location to invest in a property. Additionally, the city has maintained a steady graph in terms of real estate investment. With constantly improving infrastructure facilities in Kolkata, the city has become a preferred alternative for several growing start-ups and major IT companies. The business of developers in Kolkata has flourished immensely, especially after they started delivering plenty of premium projects at affordable prices. 


This city is a perfect blend of a low-housing cost and high-quality infrastructure. However, the most important reason why you invest in the real estate in Hyderabad is its excellent accessibility. The city has a wide network of connections to main highways such as NH44, NH65, NH765 and NH163. 


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