8 tips to protect yourself when showing your home

8 tips to protect yourself when showing your home

Selling a house can be extremely challenging and time consuming, especially when you have never done it before. It is quite obvious that you don’t let any stranger wander through you house, checking out your bedrooms and other personal stuff. But if you wish to sell your property and moving to another place, you have to speak with the outsiders and invite them in. And that’s why ensuring your own safety while giving the prospective buyers access to your home is most important – protect yourself when showing your home.

Whether you’re selling the house on your own or working with a professional, it is necessary that you take the following steps to avoid becoming a target of a burglary.

Take a look at some of the useful tips below explaining how to keep your home and family secure during the selling process:

1. Skip the open house

For people who are trying to sell their homes on an urgent basis, open house does provide a good opportunity to attract the large number of buyers. However, it is advisable to avoid using this way to sell your house.

There’s always been a disagreement among the real estate experts on whether open house can really prove to be a good option to sell properties. But one that’s certain is, the risk you take when strangers are allowed to wander into your home. Remember, an open house can become a perfect excuse for the thieves to get their hands on the valuable things in your home.

2. Never show alone

If a buyer is interested to view your house, don’t show the property alone. Ask a friend or neighbor to come while you’re giving the tour of your home. There should be at least two people observing, especially when your home has two stories.

3. Don’t discuss your personal matters

Being a seller, it is quite obvious that you want to make the buyer feel more comfortable while dealing with you. But sometimes, the small talks turn into oversharing. Do not give too much details about your personal life such as talking about your marital status, family’s daily routine, your vacation plans etc. Some experts even believe that a seller should hide his family photos, especially the pictures of his children, before showing the home to the prospective buyer.

4. Keep valuable things out of sight

Make sure all your valuable items, including jewelry, family heirlooms, expensive gadgets, designer accessories are tucked away where the people touring your house can’t see them.

5. Discard the prescription drugs

If you have any high-priced medicines in your house, please be sure that you lock them away before the buyer comes to visit your property. Prescription painkillers are the main target of the drug seekers, especially during the open house selling process.

6. Ask your agent to first meet the buyer

Real estate agents have their safety measures to keep you and your belongings guarded when speaking to a buyer. Before showing your property to someone else, ask your agent to meet that person first and check if he is trustworthy or not.

In case you want to sell your house without the assistance of a real estate agent, make sure all the showings are by appointment only.

7. Do your homework

If someone reaches out to you, claiming to be an agent interested in showing your property, ask for his agency, contact information, brokerage to be provided any other relevant information. It is important to verify an individual’s identity before giving him the tour of your house.

8. Check the identity

Once the buyer arrives at your place, don’t forget to check his identity card and make sure it isn’t fake. A potential home buyer shouldn’t have any problem in giving his identification proof, so be friendly and firm, and protect yourself when showing your home.

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