Five important Vastu Shastra rules that a home buyer must know

Every person wishes to live in a house that brings peace, happiness, and prosperity and Vastu has a great role to play in it. It is firmly believed that a property which complies with Vastu Shastra norms generate positive energy, eliminating all the bad vibes.

Though initially Vastu principles were created for temples, with time, people started applying these rules in constructing their homes, buildings, offices, shops etc.

Furthermore, Vastu has become an essential factor when it comes to the process of buying home, evident from the fact that several well-known builders are adopting this ancient practice while constructing any new project.

On that note, here are five important Vastra Shastra rules that prospective buyers should check before buying a home:

Rule 1 – The house should face North or East direction

This might sound foolish to some people but the directions do play an important role in our lives. Believe it or not, your property’s direction influences the energies, both positive and negative, entering in your abode.

According to the Vastu Shastra, east or north-facing plots are suitable for the construction of homes. The reason behind this statement is, a door facing the north or north east direction is said to bring in more happiness and good luck to the owner of the house. And if a door is in other directions, there is a chance you probably let this good luck out instead of letting it in.

Rule 2 – The plot should be in square or rectangular shape

As per Vastu, the shape of plot on which your house is constructed should be either in square or rectangular shape. Experts believe that square, rectangle (in the ratio of 1:2 and all sides at 90 degrees), and circular (only if the construction is also circular), plots are the best ones because the magnetic waves are created and surrounded evenly in these plots. On the other hand, the irregularly-shaped plots, such as a triangular and oval reflect bad energies which can cause harm to the owner in different ways.

Rule 3 – Use only light colors in the house

It is a proven fact that colors have a significant impact on people’s mood. If you walk into natural surroundings, you most often feel at peace because there is a balance of colors, whereas when you find yourself in a dark area, you feel a bit scared and lonely. This happens because dark colors such as black radiates negative energy while light and soothing colors such as pink, orange etc. create a positive aura around the people.

Therefore, one should avoid using dark shades on the home’s walls, floors, furniture etc. For an instance, orange color is appropriate for the dining area and blue color can be used in the master bedroom.

Rule 4 – Right placement of objects in the home

You will be surprised to know that every object in your house symbolizes a specific element for which Vastu Shastra provides an apt direction and placement in order to balance the energies.

Check out the basic rules listed below for the right placement of furniture items/objects:

  • The bed should always be kept in the South-West direction of the room.
  • The dining table should be placed in the North-West direction.
  • Kids should face the north direction while studying.
  • Balcony and open terrace should be in the north, east or north-east direction.

Rule 5 – Research about the history of the property

If you are planning to buy any property, don’t forget to research about the history of the land or plot on which the building has been constructed. It is positive and advisable to make sure that the place has not been a “recurrent” space for misfortunes, accidents, illness, theft or any other tragedy.

In case you choose a pre-owned home, purchase it from someone who is moving into a bigger house or has achieved grand success while living in that house.

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