How to choose a right Real Estate Agent?

How to choose a right Real Estate Agent?

Be it investing in a new property or selling a home, the real estate business is time-consuming, involving multiple steps. But if you manage to find a good and reliable property agent or broker, he will make sure that the entire process carries out smoothly without much fuss.

When it comes to the real estate agents, most of the people often go with a person who is recommended either by their family or a friend. Though it isn’t wrong, you should always do your own due diligence so that you end up with a right agent.

However, with so many property agents out there, finding a perfect fit could be more challenging than you expected.

Having said that, here are few quick tips that will help you in choosing a right real estate agent:

Choose the person and not the experience

Never choose the agent solely on the basis of his experience. Although experience is a very important factor when searching for a good real estate agent, choose someone who can easily relate with you and understand your needs. Remember, you will be spending a lot of time with that agent, so pick someone who is good at talking and negotiating.

1. Take referrals from your network

There is no bigger compliment to a real estate agent than getting referred by his past clients. Ask your friends and relatives, if they can recommend someone with whom they’ve had a good experience. Apparently, you will prefer an agent who is experienced in working with clients similar to you.

2. Interview at least three agents

You must have heard this popular saying, “The more the merrier”. Just like it, the more people your interview, the more experienced and reliable property agent you get. Ultimately, you are looking for an agent who is familiar with your preferred location or area and understands your budget and needs. It is advisable to interview at least three realty agents, before picking the one you want to work with.

3. Go with your gut feeling

There are numerous property agents in the market who want to grab your attention. Some will offer you great deals, some will have good reputation, but you should go with a person with whom you feel comfortable. Even if he ticked all the boxes, don’t choose him if you just don’t feel right with that person.

Track record

A good real estate agent doesn’t show up out of nowhere. It takes a long time for a property agent to make a name for himself in the market and earn that reputation. Check his track record ask the agent about his general background.

1. Your agent should know everything about local market

Real estate is a local game and to win it you clearly need someone who knows every nook and corner of the areas where you are looking to buy a property. Please be sure that your agent is an expert of the neighborhoods in which you are interested the most. The agent should be able to give you every single detail about the local market and the areas surrounding to it.

2. Check if he can mitigate the risk

Choose an agent who can tell you honestly about the risks of buying or selling a property. Go for someone who doesn’t make false promises and can proactively mitigate the risks involved in the property business. While interviewing the real estate agents, give your attention to those who are using the actual data in their answers.

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