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Want To Bring Positive Energy To Your Home? Try These Feng Shui Tips

As they say home is where your heart lies, and just like your heart your house also deserves good vibes, peace and harmony. Now, when it comes to a house, the entrance of it says a thousand words about that particular property. Believe it or not, little things in and around your front door could be the reason for you feeling low or fighting a lot.

A jammed door knob or a wrongly placed mirror are small yet significant feng shui mistakes that a lot of homeowners make. In this article, we will discuss some of the effective feng shui tips that can make your home positive and vibrant. But first, let’s thoroughly understand this traditional concept. 

What Is Feng Shui?

Many people are unaware of the age-old phenomenon of ‘Feng Shui’. It is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on harmonising individuals with their atmosphere. It is based on the principle that the arrangement and orientation of objects in a space can significantly affect the flow of energy, subsequently impacting one’s well-being and fortune.

Therefore, these practices can be applied in several different aspects of our lives, including home designing. But why are feng shui principles crucial for your house? 

According to this traditional art, certain elements and colours have specific meanings and characteristics of their own. For instance, the colour red symbolizes luck and prosperity, while the element of water represents wealth and abundance. Another popular feng shui belief is that your house’s main door is a pathway for emotions, vibes, and energy!

In this modern era, where people are more attracted towards negative energies and bad vibes, following feng shui tips for your home’s entrance can make your abode coz, harmonious and vibrant instantly. Many of you must be wondering now, isn’t Vastu Shastra the Indian version of feng shui? 

Difference between Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

While both vastu and feng shui are used to filter out negative energy and embrace good and positive vibes at your workspace or home, their operating principles slightly differ from each other.  Vastu is referred to as the scientific alignment of a space, element, or building. It maintains consistency with natural forces.

On the other hand, feng shui focuses on the free movement of energy in a particular location. While both these practices have their own set of advantages, maintaining a balance between them is considered as the best course of action.

Feng Shui Tips For Home Entrance: Do’s and Dont’s

As per the ancient feng shui principles, the front door of a house is considered as the mouth of chi (energies). Hence, it is crucial to pay attention to its design and placement. Having said that, here are some of the popular feng shui tips for home entrance. 

  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your front door is required to ensure its functionality and energy flow. Repair noisy hinges, damaged door knobs, and keep the door clean and in good condition. A well-kept front entrance denotes a happy and affluent home.
  • Design and Colour: The design and colour of your front door can influence the amount of energy that enters your home. Choose a colour that complements the direction your front door faces. A north-facing door attracts positive energies by using cool colours like blue or black, while east or south-east-facing entrances reflect natural wooden tones better.
  • Clear pathway: Make sure the pathway leading to your front door is clear and unobstructed. This allows the energy to flow freely into your house. Remove any clutter or obstacles, like shoe racks or furniture, that may hinder the good vibes entering your space.
  • Add plants and flowers: Plants and flowers bring positivity and vibrancy to your living space. To attract prosperity and good fortune, choose auspicious plants like money plants or fortunate bamboo. You can also use good luck charms such as a wind chime or a dream catcher to decorate the entrance of your home and absorb good vibrations.
  • Avoid mirrors at all costs: Many homeowners feel that putting a mirror will draw positive energy, but instead, it will do the opposite. Good vibrations can bounce off the doorway mirror instead of radiating inside your home. The best location for an entryway mirror is to place it perpendicular to the front door.


To sum up, feng shui does more than just enhance your home entrance. In a nutshell, this is one of the best ways to bring positive vibes and harmony into your house. 

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